What is inTEMPOE?

inTEMPOE is a ready-to-use system integration platform that enables additional payment options for retail shoppers in multiple environments. Choose to integrate with one or any combination of your systems.

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A new payment option

Help ensure your customers don't leave your retail experience empty-handed

In-store Kiosk

Customers can apply at any kiosk throughout your store, then bring their approval to the checkout with their items to take home.

eCommerce Site

Allow customers to apply and get what they need, when they need it, from the comfort of their own home.

Point-Of-Sale System

Process applications and receive approvals for your customers at all of your in-store point-of-sale systems.

inTEMPOE helps retailers put retail within reach for their customers.

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Why choose inTEMPOE?

inTEMPOE is a fully integrated payment option that will help to grow your business. We have a simple application process followed by quick approvals, resulting in instant consumer gratification, while allowing you to turn traditional finance turndowns into sales. Everyone wins with inTEMPOE.

How can inTEMPOE help grow your business?

InTEMPOE gives customers another payment option to allow them to get the merchandise they need or want, without the constraints traditional financing often presents. The inTEMPOE payment option is integrated into any of your in-store systems or ecommerce site, ensuring that all customers have greater access with fewer barriers.

How is inTEMPOE different from other no credit required shopping solutions?

inTEMPOE has several differentiating factors for retailers and their customers. inTEMPOE helps to minimize physical touch points, allowing retailers to process applications and complete transactions quickly and simply, as well as fully integrate with any system on any platform. For customers, inTEMPOE offers multiple payment options for quick and economical ownership, allowing them to decide whether they will own their merchandise, and, if so, when.

Where can I learn more about inTEMPOE?

If you would like to learn more about inTEMPOE and how it can integrate with your point-of-sale systems, kiosks, and ecommerce site, schedule a free inTEMPOE interactive demonstration by filling out the form at the top of this page.